What if you were the only person living on this planet?  How would you live your life? 
What if none of us had to work for money? What would be our occupations, our professions, our jobs? 
What would be the avocations, the ‘evolutionary pursuits’ that billions would be following? And if that were so, how would this planet, civilizations, societies & families, be different?    
How would so much energy, which is currently dissipated in survival, be redirected? And what would it create?

What is a better system? Capitalism or socialism? 
What is more important? Wealth creation or wealth redistribution? Is GDP a good enough measure of a nation’s, a society’s prosperity? Or should there also be prosperity indices? Equality metric? A Gross National Happiness index?

Are science & religion destined to be at odds?  Is technology inherently incompatible with the spirit? 
Is personal freedom the death knell for social norms? Are basic instincts & social life fundamental paradoxes?

What if women & artistes ran our societies, our governments, our bureaucracies, our corporations? How qualitatively different would life be? Would wars reduce? Would defence expenditure come down significantly, and these resources deployed for health, education, sanitation and infrastructure? Would compassion & understanding replace domination & aggression as our basic traits? Would love replace machismo & violence as the ‘virtue’ in our popular culture? 

At a chaotic and crucial time in human history, where technological & economic growth is combined with strife, and an increasing divide between societies & communities, a normal, sensitive person is forced to ask some very fundamental questions: 

Is it a time to rejoice or feel despondent?

Is there increasing happiness out there, or increasing disparity?

What can we do differently, so that we continually have more good news than bad?

Are we ready to usher in a new world…??


Now imagine that life was not the mundane routine of survival, but a fantastic adventure way beyond the ordinary-of mysterious clues, allegorical guideposts & mystical coincidences, leading to the discovery of our higher selves- across space, time & dimensions…of our karmic relationships, resulting in the fulfillment of a higher purpose, our destiny- a memory we, as humanity, have forgotten… 

It’s time to revive that unconscious memory…

John Lennon once said: “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one...

Here are my words:
I live in my dreams; I walk my own way,
      I look at what can be, not what is today, 
      I dream of a world with ideals,
      I dream of a world that heals, 
      I dream of a world, with love that flows, 
      I dream of a world, with warmth which glows, 
      I dream of society where people care, 
      I dream of a place where individually we dare & collectively we share, 
      I dream of a world where people compete but do not fight,
      I dream of people who live in today, but of our collective future do not lose sight, 
      I dream of a world which is pure, green & clean, 
      And all this of a world, which can be, for it has been, 
      I dream of harmony between men, between nations, & between nature & man, 
      I know these are dreams, but if we all dream, WE CERTAINLY CAN.

     These ideas & ideals are encapsulated in my book- 'The New Ages'' and form the basis for 'The New Ages' community on facebook- a 
     110,000 strong global movement. Come, join us...

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