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Azim Jamal- # 1 Barnes & Noble and Amazon best selling co-author of 'The Power of Giving'; Canada. 
The New Ages addresses important issues, raises pertinent questions, and leaves one with the message of hope- that we can shape our destiny, individually & collectively.



Oliver C. Rabacal- lightworker; Philippines
What a wonderful book launching you got there Malik! Congratulations again and I Am so grateful in meeting you in person! You are such a wonderful Being of Light. Thank you for reminding me to dream again! I got home so much full of love, excitement and hope...Blessings to you and your loved ones!

Leo Ramos
 lightworker, Philippines
What a gorgeous and blessed book launching you got there bro.Malik,i am so grateful in meeting you in person and considers you as one of God's Torch bearer to Light every soul in their Journey to claim back our Divine Birthright as the true... Sons and Daughters of the Almighty Father,also i wish to express my sincerest gratitude in choosing the Philippines to launch your Book bearing Light so as with your generousity in sharing 20 % of its sale for the projects of the NBS Foundation in establishing libraries for the less fortunate ...again my Warmest Congratulations to you and your love ones...MORE POWER TO THE NEW AGES....

Prateek Shah- Art of living student, social media entrepreneur, event manager;  India
Awesome stuff! best wishes go out hoping the book becomes the success it is meant to be!

Meenakshi Chadha - India
An intriuiging read. From Kundalini to Aum to sufism to divine communion, this book seems to be an all-you-want-to-know-about-spirituality guide. I hope to find answers to a lot of my questions from this book....hopefully my search will end here : )

Ariane Capuso
: beautiful book


Edith Vendivel -Philippines
Malik... I thank God for creating this New Ages stuff...I found another alchemist...thank God for this page of new age...thank you.

Gregory Çiocson- Philippines
For someone like me who is a lily and beyond-trained akashic soul record reader, classical feng shui analyst, pranic healing practitioner, and yet works in the field of nuclear science by day, finding myself going straight to chapter 17 w/o even seeing the previous chapters yet, for sure, happened for a good reason! Imagine my surprise when I realized that my inclinations & involvements above all found resonance in that very chapter! How I love this book!!!

Mala Sen- Doctor & pranic healer, Philippines
Congratulation. This evening everything was wonderful.. You have entered into a new phase of your life and now no looking back.Wish you more and more success in every step of your journey. We are very proud of you.

Elepert Labasan- Philippines
Definitely!I for one will share the benefit of this wonderful book.Thanks Malik and more power.

Ruchitaa Shah- Managing Director at Creative Manufacturers Limited, Nairobi, Kenya 
Congratulations on your book launch and all that you are doing for your wonderfully inspiring blog! Love, Light & Blessings!! Looking forward to read the book....

FireSign Aries Wow! Congratulations to the whole team. Soar high :)

Bong Pintoy Felizco Congratulations on your book, Mr Malik. I am getting one soon and am looking forward on reading it.

Nina Sandiko- lightworker, Philippines
Thank you for making a difference.....

Icey Claire Nolasco- Philippines
Congratuations with the book...!

Dola Bee- India
I am so glad I subscribed to this.

Amena Bal- healer, writer; Philippines
Can't wait to read the book... :)

Nalini Dhar: Private Banker at Merrill Lynch, New York; and B-school classmate
Congratulations Malik!! Great to see and hope your book breaks records.

Gregory Çiocson - lightworker, akashic records reader, lily healer & nuclear engineer:
I'm now in chapter 3. That's only because I have other things on my plate. Fellow readers might agree with my view that chapter 1 can be a whole story on its own. An essential character's tragic ending in the likes of Miss Saigon or Mme Butterfly was one heavy element of surprise! Yoga advocates, however, might rea...ct with that very idea of a meditator, yogi, and nature lover dying of a heart attack. :)
While reading your book, it is not only Dan Brown or JK Rowling that I remembered. In the 19th century, there's this polymath / renaissance man who wrote 2 exceptional novels bursting with social commentaries which, up to now, have great relevance and impact on readers. Although his storyline wasn't spiritual, it stirred, as he had hoped for, the awakening of a race nonetheless. This June 19, 2011 is his 150th birth anniversary. His 22-ft bronze statue will be unveiled by no less than the president of the country on said date. Jose Rizal is his name.

Jeeya Khan- Pakistan
Only read few lines from Sample Chapter.....will not read full....i don't know what to say ....but it seems more like "Abdullah" by Nadeem Hahshim....may be its different from that... Should Be!....hope to c it soon in Pakistan !!~.

Lallie Clarke- Counseller, United Kingdom
I think that Martin Luther King would like this, and so do I, well done!!

Carol O. Mahtani ‎- Cebu, Philippines
Am so happy to have my own copy of this book which I bought yesterday at POWERBOOK shop at SM, Cebu - considered my best gift this 2011

Jean King- Philippines;
Lightworker & radio DJ at Wave 891
Loved the book :) peace, love and light to you malik :)

Sjeline Lukiman- Indonesia
Send a free copy to all the presidents in the whole wide world, SBY of Indoesia is an avid reader, he'll read your book, he does not need money, he needs inspiring books like this one. Give him and see this beautiful archipelagic nation change from violence to peace !

Meenakshi Chadha- India
your words take me into some dream world! Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. It gives me an opportunity to daydream everyday in today's stressful world!

Aamir Shaikh is this available in Karachi, Pakistan? In the wake of terrorisim, we need this book more then any nation.

Mala Sen I am loving every inch of your book, Due to my travelling I could not finish yet, but only few more pages left. I will give my feed back once I am done. You are brilliant.

Upasna Bagrodia When is the book coming to India ??? Need about twenty five copies.

Daniella Ferdinand- musician, Netherlands 
Hi Malik congratulations on finishing the book, I hope it will inspire many and contribute to the new Ages that many say are coming. I personally can`t say fro
m my own knowledge that a new age will come, but of course many great people say it will. I can only say, if it will happen, it is awesome!!!!!!!!!(for lack of a better word).
Love & Light to you

Leah Marfil
: Philippines
Way to go Malik!!!! Congrats!!!!

Ofelia Rizala Velasco- Philippines
I am so glad that I belong with the new ages... this is wanted to be with.. to share all my thoughts and wisdom in what life is going on..that in everyday living we have to had to face the circumstances unexpected...because of facing this is to be able learn from it..and work for it with all our heart and mind..and be more understandable to the situations and look for the better patiently...

Edith Vendivel- Philippines
Been endorsing and inviting spiritual seeker friends who are interested to look for the alchemist who can transform base metal into gold." The New Age" book is a must have.Lets stop the vicious cycle of the ignorance

Elepert Labasan- Philippines
I for one will share the benefit of this wonderful book.Thanks Malik and more power.

Antoinette Panton Isaacs: Just reading that poem above and I feel something undescribeable yet beautiful and peaceful.. very nice, thanks.

Lalaine Carranza Colobong- Philippines.
Congratulations on this book...One of the best, I think! More power!!!

Sarah Samantha Salcedo-Rubin- Philippines.
Hello Malik! I saw your post on lightworkers. I would like to commend you on your book. I am a reiki healer-teacher, and I believe works like yours are important in paving the way for raising consciousness. I plan to buy a copy of your book very soon. light and love! :)

Issy Morris: Lightworker, Philippines.
Thank you so much for my copy of your brilliant book Malik...can't put it down ! :-) it really resonates with me, and gives me joy, hope & inspiration...  Especially the part on the ' Energy Exchange System'- it answers many questions. Let us get together and discuss many wonderful things...much love to you. I want everyone to know about you.

Tisha Bautista: clairvoyant, healer, entreprenuer, MD- Isdanco Foundation, Philippines
Hi Malik! Please continue with your writing. It is genuinely inspired and genuinely pure.

Dyotay Soluta:  New Age musician, meditation facilitator: ‘frequency shift- healing through sound awareness & DNA repair; Philippines/Peru. Wonderful book for a new, golden age… The New Ages has a certain lyrical beauty & melody…

Nestor Amable: Philippines
So well put... our New Ages author is a real man of great experience... thank so much for sharing us your blessings!

August Sikatsila: It has melted my heart.


Chavarria Lobelia: Wonderful words, I will share. Thanks.

Trixie Vergara: Wonderful!

Pramod Hendre: Enrepreneur & publisher, India.
I have read the entire book and was very thrilled and happy. While reading I felt that I was going through the fantasies of the life. I sure  got to know how I should take myself forward in my life. Thanks a lot.

Jazz Javier
:  Lightworker, IloIlo, Philippines.
I started reading your book nov.20. I am enjoying it still; I am not done reading yet. I should say that I am somehow not surprised. The book speaks to me. It provokes, yes, but what I really feel is recognition. Strange, though it may seem... What genius! I am just on page 240. I had read The Healing Code, The Celestine Prophecy and the Tenth Insight before I started with your book.

Esperenza Magadia: Member, Inner Peace Foundation, Philippines.
This is a book which has to be read after purifying oneself, so strong are its energies. Whether I see a movie like thrive or understand astral travel, your book seems to have it all. This is truly a life altering book, and elevates one's consciousness.

Sasha Scheherzade: Pakistan.
Your words make me smile always, Malik. I pray that your words never cease.


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